Friday, March 6, 2015

How To Start Your Own Farm

Owning a farm is a pretty demanding but rewarding vocation. If you’re looking to start one and run it properly, you’ll have to take these tips, suggestions, and rules into heart. 

In the beginning

Financing the acquisition of your farm doesn’t have to be done with a loan. In truth, debt has done farms bigger damage than even drought, plague, and pestilence combined. So in financing your farm acquisition, stay away from debt as much as possible. Borrowing money should be your last resort.

Farm Modernization by the Numbers

The U.S. is a highly-industrialized country, yet it is able to maintain a strong agricultural sector. Although farmers only comprise 2 percent of the current U.S. population today, as opposed to more than 90 percent two centuries ago, food production has increased by more than 262% since the 1950s.

To put farm modernization in a nutshell, a modern plow attached to a tractor can do the work of a dozen plows pulled by cattle. Instead of milking one cow at a time, milking machines can be wired to deliver milk from multiple cows to the tank. With farm modernization, it's not that farming has become a lost art entirely; it's just that so much work can be done today by just a few.